Universe Types


There are three molecular universes. Not only are their residents dimensionally separated, but the inhabitants of these universes have slightly different emphases which map respectively onto Heart, Hand and Head; or Love, Will and Wisdom. Those in the Heart-Universe have right feeling as their highest priority; those in the Will-Universe are concerned mainly with how to put love into action; whereas those of the Wisdom-Universe are primarily concerned with knowledge for its own sake. This can be either a love of wisdom or can degenerate into irresponsible curiosity and experience-seeking.

It is clear that inhabitants of this third kind of universe are the ones most likely to fall into forms of insanity because of the risk of cutting oneself off from love in self-seeking curiosity. The ancient Egyptian word for evil was 'isf.t' meaning to be cut off from . But on the highest side such a priority can lead to the wisdom to benefit all life forms through non-destructive modes of interaction.


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