Higher (non-molecular) Body

Higher (non-molecular) Body The ancient doctrine taught that in the dim and mysterious recesses of the human brain are lodged the control centers for activating a higher metamorphic process in each individual. When someone walks the Lion Path, the growth and development of this higher body begins to accelerate. When the candidate attains permanent access to the power of Pleromic Mercury (see also Pleroma: the Pleromic Powers) - the senses and awareness of his or her higher body - this changes their evolutionary destiny radically. Such persons are able to move from the bardo of our earth to a bardo of a higher type of world, and from there to be reborn into this higher world. Yet even after rebirth he or she will still be able to retain a constant awareness of and contact with their higher, nonmolecular body.

Mortality remains an inevitable feature of life in all worlds that have some degree of predation in their environments. There are, however, many completely symbiotic worlds, where the molecular bodies of beings are renewed from moment to moment without death, aging or disease. But it is only in the 7-D (seven dimensional) realm that lies beyond even these symbiotic worlds that beings can enjoy the full power and potential of the higher body. No kind of molecular body, no matter how advanced, is required. The 'bodies' are more akin to waves of light, able to assume any beauteous form desired and to operate in a world full of such wonders of love, wisdom, and magical will as to be beyond our wildest flights of imagination.


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