Evil is not sin or disobedience to some patriarchal tribal deity or arbitrary law, but the real and ever present possibility of misusing free will to block or thwart love. That possibility must always be there by the very nature of free choice. But evil's manifestation, or its initial evocation into manifestation, was of necessity the consequential occasion of a primordial disaster - such as the one that rendered our universe without form and a dark void. From that chaos arose a mixed ecology in which predation infiltrated symbiosis, its program of mutual murder bringing with it all the attendant ills of suffering, separation from loved ones, disease, old age and mortality, as Prince Siddartha saw long ago even before his enlightenment. With the unleashing of evil from the unmanifest, the best that could then be achieved was the uneasy compromise that our fractured nature shows, between beauty and horror, development and degeneration. The shimmering, lissom, lovely aspect of nature extolled by the poets, and the biological reality of a nature that is red in tooth and claw, blind, implacable and urgent, exist side by side in our world, both equally real. This compromised ecology is inherently unstable and temporary - even if in the very long run - and its precarious balance is now being more and more dangerously upset by human technocracy.


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