The word Pleroma is related to plenitude or plenum, and means the full manifestation or plenitude of (divine) power. In every being there is a complement of seven (inherently pleromic) powers which can be united and harmonized by the seventh, the Pleromic Mercury power, forming a functional nonmolecular body that can be used even during one's life on earth.The pleromic powers manifest in the following order:

1) Pleromic Saturn.
One's personal "Saturn" or personified karma becomes one's teacher. Acquiring the wisdom to handle the consequences of one's past actions activates this power and one can then become a guide or spiritual parent for others. Pleromic Saturn manifests as the turning around of self-defeating personal traits and habits - infusing them with love so that they correct themselves and become strengths instead of weakness. Negative habits such as anger turns into a firmer, more loving will to pursue one's highest goals and visions. Depression turns into practical realism and a greater ability to handle one's problems. Irresponsible curiosity turns into greater understanding and patience. Power-seeking becomes a genuine desire to help others. Unrealistic self-evaluation (whether underestimating or overestimating oneself) becomes a realistic appreciation of one's current level of abilities - one becomes joyous and contented with what one has attained, yet does not fall into complacency as one continues to be aware that there are always vast inner potentials yet to be tapped.

2) Pleromic Moon.
The Moon power is the lunar strand of the self, the pole of the soul that is masculine in its energy and psychology. Wandering and exploratory, risk-taking and innovative, this wave of consciousness is called the lower self because it is the part of the self that can fall away from love and betray it because of an overemphasis on curiosity and will. Yet the Moon is also an essential and integral part of one's self-nature, without which neither self-development, nor even manifestation, could take place. It is a consciousness wave of pure reactivity (i.e. personal ways of reacting to whatever one encounters), and is a profound power enabling the development of infinite potentiality in all contexts. This power guarantees eternal newness, freshness and life, meaning that no matter what level of evolution one has attained, there are always limitless horizons of love, wisdom and magical power still to be manifested and achieved.

3) Pleromic Venus.
Venus is the power to create harmony, which it achieves by strengthening the bonds of love, will and wisdom between the lunar and solar strands of the self, leading to their final reuniting and conjoint blossoming in caduceal form. It re-establishes the sacred marriage of the two sides of the self: the solar strand with the lunar strand. In this way, the Venus power also enables you to keep your physical body in optimum health by re-establishing a harmonious balance between one's body (lunar strand) and the energy flowing to it from the soul (solar strand).

4) Pleromic Sun.
The Sun is the solar strand or feminine pole of the soul, the undamaged wave of consciousness that is called the higher self because it never can fall away from love. The solar power in each person is their own unique self nature, as well their personal link to the ultimate and unmanifest Source of Love and Life (see The Tree of Life). From the Sun flows the vital life energy from the unmanifest Source, without which no being can exist. In any being, the Moon, as the principle of pure potentiality, uses the energy of the Sun to manifest or form an appropriate form of body for that individual, from which they are free to express whatever proclivities they have chosen. In a higher being these proclivities are always harmonious and benign, allowing them to evolve by expressing love, will and wisdom in increasingly powerful ways.

5) Pleromic Mars.
Attaining this power means learning how to let go of the small-minded and self-centred will of the lower self or lunar strand, thus allowing the love-will of the solar or higher self to supersede it and guide you in your actions. Its development leads to the abilities to heal at a distance, greater mental clarity and the ability to promote mental healing in others, as well as the ability to manifest what one needs.

6) Pleromic Jupiter.
This power endows the shamanic abilities of being able to speed up the healing or positive resolution of a situation. This is done through one's connection with non-human allies from a higher evolutionary level. Also, where drastic intervention is required in cases of critical situations, extra healing abilities (i.e. where healing would require a swift and powerful influx of energy, rather than a simpler and gentler gradual re-balancing of body/soul energy over time), these allies join with you in consciousness and empower you to heal. Such allies may even emanate from higher types of worlds (see The Tree of Life).

7) Pleromic Mercury.
This power is the awakening of the higher, nonmolecular body, which has been forming in the bardo. When one attains Pleromic Mercury, one learns how to use the senses of the higher body and the seven pleromic powers fuse into one, enabling a much swifter and easier use of them, as well as a far greater focus of power to achieve one's goals. As related in chapter 2 of Access, one can then be put in communication with teachers from higher worlds who will teach us how to jump bardos in our nonmolecular bodies as well as the lessons one would otherwise have to imbibe through incarnation on other types of worlds that lie between earth and the next world of incarnation.


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