Bardo Jumping

Every life-bearing world has its own bardo, and this bardo is a faithful mirror-image or reflection of the nature of that molecular world, whatever the mixture of predatory and symbiotic traits that form the warp and weft of its planetary ecology and life-wave. (See also Types of Worlds.) When people walk the Lion Path they are able to do more than "dream true" in the bardo: they can move from one bardo to that of a different and higher (because more symbiotic) type, from which incarnation on a world with greater love and symbiosis in its environment will ensue.

People who learn to jump bardos do not forget all they have experienced and learned in prior incarnations. Instead this wisdom is retained in their transincarnational memories. The kind of world in which one will make one's next incarnation is determined by your soul dream or your highest vision: A full third of all those on earth now walking the planetary Lion Path will reincarnate first on a type-14 or Venus-Sothic world, because their soul dream is to learn how to love more. The therapies of this type of world center on right relationships, or bringing the right pairs together to further their mutual evolution.

A further fifth of those on the planetary Path will next reincarnate on a type-15 or Saturn-Sothic world. These people have the soul dream of learning trustworthiness, which means learning how to consistently act in a loving way, as well as feeling it.

Type-16 or Sun-Sothic worlds will attract a further 13 1/3rd percent of people on the planetary path, because their soul dream is to more deeply connect with their deepest self-nature (the solar strand of the self) and to manifest that kind of awareness.

A further 6 2/3rd percent of these people will reincarnate on a type-17 or Moon-Sothic world. Having already established a strong connection with their higher selves on earth, their soul dream is to develop the lunar strand of the self so that it can maintain a permanent union with the higher self.

Type-19 or Mercury-Sothic worlds will attract a further 6 2/3rd percent whose soul dream is to become initiated into great wisdom, even beyond that which they can realize in themselves. They wish to understand the how and the why of everything, even though they do not as yet have the ability to apply much of that knowledge on a practical and skilled level.

Still others, who already acquired on earth sufficient wisdom about the nature and purpose of life and our inherent potential to evolve into higher life-forms, will be attracted to still higher type worlds where they can be trained to apply such wisdom in increasingly powerful modes.

For example, another 6 2/3rd percent will be attracted to type-20 or Jupiter-Sothic worlds because their soul dream is to learn how to become expert healers of the body. They will be trained as master-physicians and surgeons, learning the use of medicines that have synergistic and complementary side-effects, and how to conduct surgery non-invasively.

The 6 2/3rd percent who reincarnate on type-21 or Uranus-Sothic worlds are attracted there because, although they too wish to become healers, their soul dream is to learn how to tackle disease in its psychic origins and how to protect and heal the body through the healing of the mind and memories. Those who have a great love of animals would tend to be drawn to these worlds also, as it is there that humanity learns how to function in complete communication and harmony with the animal life-forms in the biosphere.

The final 6 2/3rd percent of people now walking the earth's Lion Path will be drawn to reincarnation in a type-32 or Jupiter pre-pleromic world. These people, being aware that all disease and disharmony ultimately arises from disturbances and imbalances at the deepest level of the soul, desire to learn how to direct healing force to the soul itself.

Note that these deep desires or soul dreams can only bring incarnation in a higher type world if one has learned the lessons of all intervening world-types between earth and that specific type. Thus one could not incarnate in a Saturn-Sothic type world unless one had already learned while still on earth how to love enough (the lesson of Venus-Sothic worlds).


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