Karmischer Kredit

Sometimes innocent victims have been attacked not by some vicious person but by a genetic defect, drug addiction, or transmissible disease inherited from their parents and are consequently saddled with a dysfunctional body that cripples and/or disfigures them for an entire lifetime. And now many species have been wiped out or brought to the edge of extinction by human technocracy and encroachment upon their habitat. After immensely long periods of time, during which they simply eked out their existence in the ecological web of life and death, these species are being wiped out by the force of human technology and overpopulation, without having done anything to deserve their fate.

In all such cases, one then asks, How is justice to be done in the face of the free will of evil? The answer lies within a generalization of the law of consequence, called "karma" in the eastern religions. This means that, because of the nature of free choice and all which that profound fact implies, there is not only consequence in terms of debts, dire or minor, to be paid; but there are also credits earned through having been unjustly attacked, damaged or wronged -- karmic credits that must as surely be repaid as the karmic debts will be collected. The only coin such credits can be paid in is that of an eased and/or accelerated higher evolution of the unjustly victimized. Therapy alone, essential as it is, is not enough compensation. (See also subsection Healing Worlds under The Tree of Life)


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