The Lionpath:
The Big Picture and what it means to you.
Fifth Edition, Copyright 1996 by House of Horus

To the reader
Part 1:
1. Why now
2. Toward the Plutonian gates
3. The knowledge of death
4. Sothis, sacred transformation and the dark companion
5. The fourteen powers as the twelve star gods plus Sopdu and Sothis
6. Embalming as transformation of the higher seed or embryo
7. The biology and suprabiology of metamorphosis
8. Metemorphosis as regeneration
9. The vow: psychological foundation for the path
10.The Athanor. Alchemical Crucible of selftransformation
11.Practical measures

Part 2:
1. Introduction
2. The same atoms pervade our universe
3. The structure of worlds and the powers of two
4. The exploration of the table of worlds
5. Filling in the Big Picture
6. The seven lords of Shambala
7. The cosmic distribution for the seven powers
8. The magic square in the Big Picture
9. Two faces of time
10.What world tpye is our planet
11.The good news
12.A look ahead
14.Some sources
15.Glimpse of the big future transcending presnt horizons

Part 3:
1. From fellow lionpathers to you
2. The transforming biosphere and where it leads
3. The nature of the self
4. Three possible paths
5. The music of the spheres
6. The lionpath experience
7. How to get the most out of your sessions
8. The time table
Supplement: Some relevant excerpts.



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