House of Horus
Publications by Musaios


The Lionpath - You can take it with you

The short Path to Regeneration for our times , House of Horus, Fifth Edition,1996


The Shamanic Lionpath

How to manifest what you have attained, Composed by Musaios, Transcribed and put together by Ourania, House of Horus,1999



The Lionpath For The Twenty-First Century, Based on the final Lion Path notes of Musaios and composed by Ourania, House of Horus, 2001

A Saga of Error and Glory

An Ancient Record Recounted, House of Horus, 1997, This work was printed in twenty lettered copies A to T and 480 numbered Copies


Important Note

To all those who have followed the Lion Path over the years: As you know, the Path has come to an end with the new Moon on November 20, 2006. Since November 2004 we have been forging new destiny patterns, dealing in turn with the consequences of this on three different levels of primary emphasis: practical action (will or hand), emotions (heart) and understanding (wisdom). This announcement is also to let you know that the House of Horus is no longer in business, and we no longer have books or cassettes for sale. If you are interested in purchasing Lion Path books you may be able to locate copies from various booksellers on the internet


I want to travel through the universe - my strong winged eagle, come !

I will visit all lands near and far - my grey steed, gallop to me !

I want to wander through the cosmos - black crow, come here !

I would fly to the highest heavenly world - my wondrous transformation-bird, come here to me!

Magical song ( A l g y s h ) of the gifted Tuvan shamaness Suezuek

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